Beauty Product Reviews

Matte Lipsticks!

I love MATTE lipsticks...they're my when i got my hands on a HOT PINK lipstick at Inglot in Miami....i was in love. This baby will stay on for hours....and it smells good and i love it. please do yourself a big favor and buy urself one. its divine!

we really were MINT to be.

i could write a song for mint to be....i love it that much.

the packaging is so cute. I love unicrons, i love purple, and glittery shiny things. I love this lipstick and i hope to keep adding more LIME CRIME into my collection.

who can't say no to unicorns...really!

Love at first sight!

What a difference! This product adds the magic touch to a make-up look. It's pretty amazing how beautiful this skinfinish is. I've tried others and i hated it. I was pretty much in complete awe when they tried this on me at MAC. Got it and love it! totally recommended if you want a matte look but still use studio fix or liquid foundation. A MUST in your collection! xoxo

one one one one one

I love this mascara! The product colors pulled me in. haha. But I hardly get clumps. It's amaaazzzing. The wand is full of magic. ABRA-CADABRA!

I was skeptical at first since I've stuck with CoverGirl for so many years (since i started wearing makeup) and this is the business. Do yourself a favor and buy. NOW!