Beauty Product Reviews

Dual Coloring!

Physicians Formula is becoming my favorite brand! Its easy to find and good for your skin/body too! I picked up this powder by MISTAKE actually. I was rushing and grabbed it, when I got home I figure I would try it. I wasn't too fond of the dual colors because they seemed like too far away in shades to mix and not look awkward. It was nice to have from the transition to summer however when I gradually got a tan. However for the Winter when your skin tends to stay the same shade, it seemed pointless! It did have a nice brush though!

Blends Beautifully

I have always had an issue with cover ups and powder, I have very smooth skin and make up doesnt seem to absorb into it! However, this is my new favorite brand for powder. I at first, had their other cover up powder but wanted to try this one. Their colors seem to always match my fair skin so I was delighted! This cover up run on smoothly, however I DID NOT like the brush, it was very short and hard to hold onto wispily so it left marks where it was applied, it was also very rough on my face. It seemed to not apply it well, it also shredded all over my face! I substituted it for another one of my fluffy brushes and it applies wonderfully now!

No Clumps and Longer Lashes

I first got into this product by actually stealing my mothers other mascara from this company, hehe, I instantly loved it, but when I went to buy another I found this one, I have to admit, I liked its odd thick shape so I wanted to try it. This brand can be a TAD pricey but it is so worth it! I adore this mascara because it doesn't seem t clump, and the thick lashes really help make your lashes look longer and thicker,I'd recommend it to all! It also does not irritate my eyes like most mascaras do!