Beauty Product Reviews

Brightens, but not very long lasting.

I had high hopes for this foundation. I have tried it with primer and without primer. With setting spray and without. Unfortunately it just does not last and I always end up looking and feeling oily. The foundation itself is marvelous. If you just want something to wear for a few hours user minimal level of activity then this is for you. It goes on so nicely and really leaves the skin looking amazing. However, the longevity of it just does not cut it. It feels so light on the skin and provides pretty nice light-medium coverage. My only complaint is that it doesn’t last long and leaves you looking like an oily mess after a few hours. It also transfers pretty badly. I really wanted to try this foundation. Honestly I’ve been wanting to try it for about six months. I really hope at some point the company reworks the formula because if it would just last longer than a few hours I would love love love it.

I’m going to return this today (not after trying it just one last time) and maybe I will change my mind, I doubt I will.

My first UD Palette

Okay, so I honestly bought this because I just wanted something that was from UD. I was about to just buy one shadow ($9.99 on sale at Ulta) and the devil on my shoulder told me to just go ahead and spend the $40. I am so glad that DOMS was there, because I am in love. This palette has a lot of things that I enjoy and need. Granted I wish the sizes of the shadows were bigger, but this comes with TWO purples and a lovely blue, a fabulous green and gold, a very lovely black and three more natural colors suited for everyday wear. This palette is very portable, though I would be slightly afraid of it opening inside of a bag and spilling or cracking. It has a lot of flexibility as far as the looks you can create with it. The only things that are missing that would make me love it more is a red shadow, and a bigger vial of UDPP. The color payoff is great, and all of the colors show up on my skin and look fabulous even without a primer. The colors are smooth and go on great whether I use my fingers or a brush.