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Beauty Product Reviews

The best dark spot corrector ever!

I've used Ambi and other dark spot correctors for women of color. They were very harsh on the skin. This product from Clinique is amazing. It works over time and is very gentle. I had no skin reactions and my skin tone smoothed out nicely.

I actually just posted a video on my YT channel recommending it.

NOTE: You MUST use sunscreen and even avoid the skin while using this product.

OK if you like Matte

I have the very lipstick in this image.

The container is very cute but I honestly could care less for the lipstick. It's ok but I prefer lip gloss. I've used Matte and will use it til it's gone because I'm not wasteful but I would not rebuy. Matte lipstick isn't my thing.

Pretty Good Makeup Base

I actually really like this product. It's very light and makes the skin feel very smooth which is great because when you apply your makeup, it goes on much smoother.