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Beauty Product Reviews

My brows don't melt off!

I'll start off by saying I adore this product. It gives me perfect, natural looking brows. It doesn't run off or fade off or smudge. It's sleek and easy. My only complaint is it can be very messy and you do not need a lot of product at all. It also can get too dark when not blended properly which can be hard sometimes.

Is there anything on my lips?

Doesn't moisturize at all. I like the baby lips better. Save your money with these. They're also awkward and bulky to carry around. I don't get the hype. Buy Dr. Dans cortibalm instead!

Great.....the first time you use it.

The first time you use this product, you will love it! The formula feels nice and seemingly looks nice. Let's start with the complaints, first off, it's actually VERY orange. It doesn't matter how perfect it looks at first, it turns orange throughout the day. Second, it clumps. I know what you're thinking. "A foundation clumps?" This one does! Especially in summer. It will clump up and get darker and some places and leave other places bare. This is NOT a operator error. It will leave your face orange and patchy! Save your ten bucks and buy a minimascara at sephora or get your brows done instead.

Perfect for Fluidline!

Lol is accidentally posted my review for this on the wrong brush! But like I said it's a nice firm and soft brush that gives you the perfect amount of control. I would recommend it to anyone. I bought this to use the MAC's fluidline gel eyeliner in blacktrack. Works wonders


This is an absolute life saver for anyone! If you don't have it go to CVS and get it now! I have the full size and the small travel size.

HOLY GRAIL eyeliner!

I'm not sure I'll ever use another eyeliner! I bought the 219 eyeliner brush to go with this and the color is so black and smooth! It stays on all day, waterproof, creamy, sharp. This is the best eyeliner! It's like a tattoo until you use makeup remover! Absolutely the best. Makes for perfect wings.

Amazing! Firm and easy to use!

I bought this brush to use with MAC's fluidline gel eyeliner in blacktrack and I could not be more impressed! It makes my eyeliner glide on easily. It's a very soft brush but it isn't not flimsy. It is firm and gives you the perfect amount of control. It allows you to make thick or thin lines. I love it. Couldn't have asked for a more perfect brush.

GREAT for scarring & Redness

I am quite impressed. It definitely lives up to the hype. I've already hit pan! Although it doesn't do that great for under eye circles; it wasn't made for that. It stays on all day and hides all redness and scarring. Great!

Weighs down lashes

This mascara weighs down my lashes. It separates and lengthens well but it KILLS the curl. I noticed little volume and a very wet formula. I will use it for lazy days where I wanna look like I'm alive but I don't wanna have to worry about removing my mascara. Will not be repurchasing. Not for me.