Beauty Product Reviews

More then worth it!

If you like the perfume, which you'd have to be crazy not to! It's fruity, floral, with warmth and never over powering. Perfect for fun and to spice up your days! It'll zest up your life and put bounce in your step! But It's more then worth it to buy the gift set, the travel perfume size is a life saver. (You think it isn't, but give it a week, and you'll realize I'm right) and the lotion is great for travel or anytime, it leaves you with quick spa feeling.

It's a blend of cashmere and heaven!

To best describe it, it is the best day to night perfume secondary ONLY to Chanel #5. I have women, men with wives or girlfriends telling me I smell good I love it, it's my cashmere sweater of perfume. Always chic, never over done, perfectly classy. It's warm, with a calm cool clean feel, and fresh with crisp top notes. It's always sexy and with a perfect touch of charm.


Goes on smooth and dries fast, doesn't clump, chip, or flake! What more can you ask for? Easy to find and inexpensive, Revlon has been around a long time and obviously knows a thing or to about affordable quality.

Love all of them!

Wonderful product! The nail brush is the best I've every used! I've never had any problems with mine and I'm working on the same bottle for the last 2 years, I recently started keeping all of my nail polish in the refrigerator they take up the small top shelf but, they come out smoother and they have less separation. I use them for everything and they do the job! Keep up the good work Milani! I'm a big fan of your products and I'd love to see more colors.