Beauty Product Reviews

Who would bother getting dressed when you can go naked

Versatile palette of matte and shimmer shades that suite nearly every skin tone. Lighter neutral colours great for daytime wear and darker, smokey shades for the night. I also think this product is reasonably priced because its really like purchasing 12 separate eyeshadows because the the pigmentation of the shadows is so intense that it is highly unlikely that the average consumer would ever need to repurchase . The only down fall is the packaging. Its cute and original but not exactly the most hard wearing. The velvet rubs away very easily and the gold lettering scratches away with the lightest touch - so not really a good one for travelling.

Hands down my favourite lipstick

Glides on super smooth and creamy, colour pay off and pigmentation is amazing and the staying power is like some kind of super glue. I normally remove my makeup before bed but there have been times when I have fallen into bed and skipped this step. And if I was wearing my MAC rebel the night before that baby is still perfectly in place when I wake up in the morning. Not bad eh?

Souffle textured pore filler

I am super happy with this product. I apply it over the top of my napoleon perdis auto pilot primer and before applying my foundation. My pores are quite enlarged on my cheek and forehead areas and I find that when applied carefully, this product works by settling into the pores and filling them, giving the skin the appearance of being smoother and flatter! Just remember to blend it out well because it comes out of the tube in a tanned dark brown colour.

Not Revlon's finest work

I was excited when I heard about the release of this one but after paying $36.00AUD I wasn't that impressed. The foundation comes in a limited colour range, and they are mainly beige and cool under toned. I have olive skin and even after colour matching as close as possible, the product gave me face a pink sheen - NOT ATTRACTIVE. It is also quite emollient and I would not recommend it to those with oily or combination skin - as it is likely to slide right off your face. The texture is quite nice though and if your after full to medium coverage (and you have beige or cool undertones and dry skin) then it's probably not a bad product to try.

Great concealer for such a low price!

I was hesitant when I first purchased this product as it was so cheap! But had heard the good reviews so decided to give it a try. Holy guacamole! This stuff is fantastic! Super creamy texture and goes onto the skin like a dream. If your going to be using it under the eyes set it with a powder or only use a minimal amount. I use it in yellow. I'm olive toned and it prevents my face from appearing pink. Follow me on Instagram @beautybykiki5