Beauty Product Reviews

What was I doing before Brow Wiz?

Not sure how I ever walked out the door without using this. I was the last person to jump on the band wagon but I was relieved when I understood what the hype was about. I have tried other brow products, even within the Anastasia brand, and nothing has surpassed this. It is really easy to work with and I highly appreciate the fact that it has a spooly on the other end. It makes for easy blending and this product gives me a very natural brow look.

Great Product, Not So Great Smell

This self-tanner gives a great, very natural tan on my skin. It isn't splotchy and as it is fading, it seems to fade together without being too noticeable. I do have to make sure to exfoliate really well prior to self-tanning but as long as I do that, I am off to a good start. Just like any other self-tanning solution, this one does give a fake tan smell. I have heard different things from many people but I think it all depends on your body chemistry. Overall, great product and I can overlook the smell.

Not a fan of the smell...

I have been using the solid cleanser for months now and I absolutely love it, however, I go through them like CRAZY! So I thought I would give the liquid cleanser a try. So far, not a fan of the smell. I can't quite explain it but it is not pleasant. Nothing like the solid. I haven't tried it for my brushes yet but definitely will before I completely write this product off.

Pleasantly Surprised

I was a little upset when I realized that I pick this pencil up instead of the Brow Wiz but instead of having to fight with crowds and worrying about taking it back, I decided to give it a try. And I am glad I did! I love the Brow Wiz but I feel like this pencil is a little creamier. With that, it can go overboard quickly but just take your time and it will look beautiful and natural!