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Embrace the hype! Love!

Ok, so this isn't available in my country (Trinidad, Caribbean) and I've always been dyinnngggg to try these! I love lip balms, I'm in a/c a lot too and well basically, I feel naked if I'm without. My friend got them in the states for me and brought it back to Trini... WOW! Just WOW! I absolutely love these babies! It has a really soft and soothing texture, which makes apply easily. I really love the shape, easy to apply by rolling on and I no need to use your fingers like some balms or a lip brush. The smell... well no wonder they call 'em flavors! Smells good to eat :P Lol --- Anyway, what I love the most is not having to reapply often like other balms I've tried. My lips feel really smooth for quite some time. Good stuff! Great buy! I'm looking forward to trying the other 'flavors.'


Okay, so I know I wrote a review back in December about L'Oreal's Collagen Mascara and indeed it was that great but THIS... when I stumbled upon this I was seriously taken away! I've seen some bad reviews about this I can never understand why? I mean my lashes are already naturally long but the added length and volume I got from this was amazing!!! The collagen was great, great volume but I'm not a fan of the thick brush & the clumps! Speaking of thick brush, I also bought the Million of Lashes mascara for comparison and well, curiosity and it's good, really separates your lashes etc like it says but it definitely doesn't give you or... me really, that *POP!* or blowout I want! Also, I must address the bad reviews about lashes falling out... are you guys using the Waterproof version to this? Because if you are and it you say it "falls out" maybe you're not removing the mascara properly. Take your time and use cream or lotion and gently wipe off. Because I've tried the Waterproof version and I understand what your saying, but that's the point of "waterproof" it's not gonna come off just like that. What I use to remove it is Pond's Cold Cream. I Place a small spot on a piece of tissue and gently wipe off (eyes closed) my lashes. Anyway, I attached a photo below... sorry it's so blurry but hope you get the generally pic! I really am impressed by this mascara... like said the Collagen and Millions are great gives you the result it says but to me... it's nothing close to what I get for the False Fibers. Hope this was helpful :)

XOXO, Ty...


Hands down the BEST Mascara I have ever tried thus far, I was in awe the first time I tried it and I haven't switched or gone looking elsewhere since. It really does the trick in one swoosh for me. I love the volume and intensity I get. I also love the wonderful comments I receive about my eyelashes... most people even ask me if they're falsies!?! But it's only a combination of long eyelashes and my kicka** mascara! ;)