Beauty Product Reviews

I know this mascara doesn't work for alot of people but it sure works for me! :) It really makes my lashes thicker and a little longer. I use this everyday pretty much just to make my lashes thicker because it doesn't really make them look that long. But that isn't a problem because I can just use a different mascara!! It stays put on my lashes all day too.

Alot of people say this mascara is to wet and messy but that's way it's suppose to be(Not messy just have to be careful)! Mascara either has a wet formula or a dry formula. This certain mascara has a wet one. It's just the way it's made. Another problem people have with it is they say it gets to clumpy and dries out fast. It gets clumpy when you put on way to much or but on a coat let it drie, then put on another. Also....if you pump the mascara wand up and down in the're just pumping air in the tube...which dries out your mascara! What you should do is stick the wand in the tube and gently swirl it around. You'll get the product this way without drying it out. :)

XOXO ~Emily