Beauty Product Reviews

New Favorite!

I am in absolute LOVE with this palette, & I only got it in yesterday! These are just amazing shades! I love them all! The shadow is creamy & smooth & very blendable, but also very pigmented & they STAY IN PLACE! Definitely my new GO-TO PALETTE!!!!!


Some days I like to wear nude liner without any lipstick or gloss, maybe just a plain balm, just to bring out the shape of my lips without actually using color. This stuff is perfect! It lasts forever, doesn't smudge, & the color is just beautiful!

Pretty Good

I don't dislike it. I find it quite moisturizing. I purchased one of the nude-pink shades, I don't remember the name of it. I have very dry lips, & all this did was accentuate the flakes. I think it may have been the color I chose, so I won't knock the line just because I tried one & didn't like it. It felt smooth like a balm on my lips but was very pretty & pigmented. I returned it but plan on trying another color eventually.

Fave Palette!

This was my very first Two-Faced product, & I could not have picked a better one! I absolutely LOVE this palette. The colors are wonderful (PERFECT colors for my fair skin & blue eyes!), the shadows are super-smooth & blendable, the how-to cards that come with it have spectacular eyeshadow looks! I have no complaints about this palette whatsoever. I love it!


I bought this on a whim, I don't usually buy all-in-one sets like this. But I am SOOOO glad I did!! I am absolutely in love with this palette! The eyeshadows are true to their color & silky smooth & GORGEOUS colors. There is much variety in the 6 blush colors, & the cream liners are to die for! I haven't tried the glosses yet, but then again I'm not much of a lip-color person. I stick to mainly very light nude-pink glosses.


I am absolutely amazed at this eyeliner. I originally bought it for the brush-type applicator, not the promise of longer lashes. I'd given up on that dream already. However, the stuff inside is what really blew me away, not the tip! I had been using it for a few weeks, liked the color & ease of application/removal. One night while lying in bed with my fiance (after a shower, so I had no makeup on) he asked why I was wearing fake eyelashes to bed. He did not believe that they were my real lashes, he said they've never been so long before. All in all, you really just can't go wrong with this stuff, whether you're looking for longer lashes or a great liquid eyeliner!


At least for me it is, anyway. I have extremely oily eyelids, so I'd pretty much apply eyeshadow for nothing, as it was completely GONE in just a few hours. I'd always heard great things about this stuff, & had recently decided to completely re-vamp my makeup collection. I got rid of all CoverGirl, Revlon, Maybelline, etc. drugstore brands & decided to only buy quality makeup from now on. I've been reading reviews like a crazy person before buying ANY makeup. ANYWAY, of course I had to try this stuff. Best. Idea. Ever. My eyeshadow stays on ALL day, does NOT crease, & looks AMAZING! Before it all kinda just ran together & didn't look so good, now you can distinguish my wonderful artestry & hard work of shading & blending. (: It is not too thick, not too thin. Smooth it on, apply your shadow, & you're good to go! Just need a TINY dab!

My skin feels AMAZINGGG!!!!!

Ok so, I've only tried this for the very first time about an hour ago. I've been reading reviews on it & decided to try it. I've never had a professional microdermabrasion session, nor have I ever done it myself. I'm only 23, I don't really need it, but I have HUGE pores, uneven skin tone, & oily skin, so I was hoping to maybe change that. This stuff made my skin velvety smooth, & it feels great. I read that the first time it may bring pimples up from under the skin that were not showing yet, & I do see a few little red spots but after next time they SHOULD be gone. I was a little nervous to rub too hard because I also read that it irritated some people's skin, so I was very very gentle. I don't generally have sensitive skin, but some products do irritate it every now & then. This did NOT bother my skin in the least, it felt great & soooooo clean!!!! Like all the nastyoil was being sucked out of my skin. Overall, it smells good, feels good, so it MUST be good. I hope this helps my complexion! I cannot wait to see what my skin will look like after doing this a few more times!