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Too Faced

Boudoir Eyes Shadow Collection


Alisa B.

This palette is so beautiful. The colours are pigmented and creamy. They are fairly neutral but not boring by any means. With this palette, you can create simple neutral looks and smokey eyes.

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Danielle W.

I love this palette! The shadows do give a little fall out, but nothing a quick swipe with my kabuki brush wont fix. The colors are nice and soft, and I have created at least 6 looks with this palette alone! I had stopped purchasing Too Faced eye shadow palettes because of the packaging. I had the Natural At Night one, and while traveling, the cardboard cracked and all but 3 shadows crumbled. But I always lusted over the Natural Eye palette. I saw this in Ulta, and it looked almost like the Natural Eye! But much more prettier, and the packaging is a tin case, not the cardboard! I'm hoping Too Faced is switching over to tin cases for all the packaging. I would gladly purchase the rest of their palettes.

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Lucia H.
Great color combination

Great color combo, great pay off, pigmented, but has a lot of fall out , but not an issue , because the color pay off , is gorgeous, great palette for brown eyes..and cool skin tones. One of my favorite palettes to use Love it

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Natalie C.
beautiful, easy & sturdy

The colors and pigment are great! I can easily go from work to play, or day to night with this palette. Definitely a must if you travel to popular cities often (let's be logical, you wouldn't exactly wear this on a tropical island vacation) and you want to pack light in the beauty department. The tin aluminum packaging is also sturdy so it won't fracture or bend like the UD Naked palette. Good job Too Faced! A good replacement for the TF Naked Eye palette I lost.

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Amista B.

All of the shades are soft, pigmented, and smooth. A great twist on neutrals without having all those brown, bronzy shades alot of other palettes have. Lots of looks can be created with this for day or night. Love it!!

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Amanda P.
New Favorite!

I am in absolute LOVE with this palette, & I only got it in yesterday! These are just amazing shades! I love them all! The shadow is creamy & smooth & very blendable, but also very pigmented & they STAY IN PLACE! Definitely my new GO-TO PALETTE!!!!!

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Ursula S.
Beautiful colors, deeply pigmented baby soft.

Fell in love with colors online purchased 2 sets and I am glad I did. Creamy and soft, deeply pigmented and very versatile, colors stay put. Hope this collection stays available. Would definitely recommend purchasing, either for personal or professional use.

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Big box shop F.
My eyes are magic

This really accentuates my big beautiful eyes. No-one can resist me now. I like turtles. Timmah! I recommend using the entire boudoir eyes unit for each makeup session. Best to use all five shades as layers. Any leftovers can be used to beautify your turtle.

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Tia M.
great product

I bought this product on Black Friday and I really love it. The colors are ultra pigmented and true to their appearance in the pan. The packaging is sturdy compared to the usual box packing Too-faced uses. Theres a good blance between matte and shimmer shades. French Tickler is incredibly pigmented and is one of the best black eyeshadows i've used. I also love Garter Belt. it's such a beautiful Matte grey. All eyeshadows have excellent color payoff and last throughout the day with very little fading.

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Charlotte H.
Great for even a beginner!

I got this palette at Ulta for about 32 dollars, and it works magnificently! I was very scared since I had no experience with eye shadow I would look terrible, but it came with a cute like instruction booklet with 3 great uses for the pallet. The pallet was also scented, which was to cool! It smells like sugar and if you get a little in your mouth it tastes slightly sweet, due to the fruit powder inside! This pallet is great for advance makeup wearers to beginners. Too faced is a great brand the I will use again!