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Bumble and bumble 'Dos for Days

The Curl Next Door



Brainy and bubbly, this naturally curly girl has a head full of perfectly-imperfect swirls and whirls that would make the cast of Flashdance wail with envy. Everyone wonders how she keeps her curls so shiny and defined—but we know her secret.

How to create the The Curl Next Door

1 Wash your hair with Bb.Curl Shampoo and Conditioner.

2 Spray damp hair all over with Bb.Curl Primer.

3 Divide your hair into four sections.

4 Apply more Bb.Curl Primer to the first section and comb it through. Follow with Bb.Curl Defining Creme, smoothing the product down your hair to evenly distribute it.

5 Create a rope braid with the section of hair.

6 Repeat with all of the remaining sections. Let your hair dry naturally.

7 Unwind the rope braids, break up larger curls with your fingers, and style your hair into place.

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