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The Beach Babe



Malibu is humid. Fussy styles deflate, and big looks get frizzy. This savvy sun-worshipper keeps things simple. For her, it’s all about beachy waves, salt-splashed grit, and a tousled finish. No matter where she’s coming from, she always looks like she just hopped off of a catamaran.

How to create the The Beach Babe

1 Start by spritzing Surf Spray all over clean, damp hair, including underneath.

2 To enhance your natural texture, twist several one-inch sections of hair and pin them against your head. Let air dry.

3 Once your hair is completely dry, rub a few drops of Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil between your hands and work it through your hair.

4 Use a one-inch curling iron on random sections to add some variation, and then shake out strands with your fingers to soften and create volume.

5 Loosen your hair with your fingers and style into place.

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