Beauty Product Reviews


gawd I love it soo much! it smells so lovely! i used it almost daily! heavenly smell! and now i hv to buy it again! smell is sooo floral so delicious actulally! :) i am in love with it! this is totally amazing! if u want a new fragrance hat you will get addicted to , u should buy this! <3 <YSL PARIS <3

love love love !

it smells sooo good :))) I love it :)) i also love poison n dune by Dior <3 <3 it can be little strong for some people but i defintly don't think it is that strong! it gives me that warm sweet smelling feeling! it is soo good! i really really love it :)

hello hydration goodbye dry hair :)

this product is AMAZING ! iam in love with it! whenever iam goin to use heat styling I make sure I use this product! because heat styling makes my hair very very dry rough resulting in split ens.. if hair is well hydrated n sift heat styling wouldn't affect it much. I apply this generously in my hair n let it soak for good five to six minutes! n viola! soft soft hair!

save my lips heels knees !

I use it on dry knees dry chapped lips and heels :)) it works so well! like an overnite miracle on ur heels :) I also discovered Vaseline can be useful for growing out lashes n stuff! I love this product! :)

color my lips soft :)

its really really good! it moisturizes my lips so well1 they look so supple n soft! n one of the best things! it is tinted! :) gives a light red pink color with gloss to ur lips! I absolutely love it :))