Beauty Product Reviews

unique and does what it claims

my hair felt much softer and shinier after the first use. Excellent product and I made it last quite a while. Definitely worth a shot! It even exfoliates your hands while using on your hair so double bonus!

hair felt gunky and greasy

I had such high hopes for this entire line but was sadly disappointed. The product left my hair feeling waxy and dirty no matter how well i washed it out and I didnt notice my hair looking any better health wise. A huge miss, I sent the whole line back for a full refund. Ill stick to my shampoo Ms. Alyssa milano, thank you very much.

My favorite brush

This brush is by far my favorite out of my collection. I dont have any high dollar brushes due to a low budget but this one was inexpensive, doesnt shed, keeps its shape and works beautifully.


I really loved the concept. Bare mineral makeup can be so messy to do in your car when you notice your face needs a little help. I thought this product would solve that issue. Instead, the makeup barely comes out. You have to shake it and if you do that too hard, the brush comes off and you have product all over the place. I also lost the cap almost immediately so throwing this tool in my purse resulted in not the cleanest brush in the world and me with face full of pimples. Almost $30 down the drain or actually down the front of my outfit is what usually happened.

Sturdy and very nice

I have been searching for a good way to organize all my makeup for the longest time. Each time I would buy shelving or cabinets and cubbys and stands then I would have to clear all of them and dump my makeup into a box so that I could go do somebodies makeup. It was a mess. With this box I have all of my makeup organized and available to me at my vanity and with a simple closing of the lid I can take it all with me and it doesnt get jumbled around. Great product at a reasonable price! A little heavy but beauty=pain right ladies?!

Way to expensive for being only so-so

I was so excited to try this product. I thought I was going to walk out of the shower looking like alyssa milano and never look back. The first time I used it, my hair seemed soft and shiny. It was nice. But the next day my scalp looked greasy and it hadnt even been 24hrs yet since I showered. I gave it another go thinking I may not have washed it out enough. Same problem the next day. I had no frizz but I looked dirty and my hair looked weighed down and dull. Oh and by the way, the smell is just stupid. Its nothing to write home about but you dont really enjoy it either. plus you are supposed to comb it thru your hair and frankly, its just not a good idea to brush wet hair if you can help it. My hair is too fine I guess for this product.