Beauty Product Reviews


Can't believe there isn't any review on this! This shit is amazing! The only compact i trust! Clinique is all about healthy skin and since i've been using their products, my face never looked better. Does not cause me to break out and lasts pretty much the whole day. Looks fresh and natural, of course if you over do it then yeah.. Cake Face!

Pretty great stuff

Awesome coverage for a night out in the city! Not so great in humid places though, gave me some acne due to that :( But don't worry, may just be me. Really great stuff though. Love it to death and it's very affordable!


Absolutely LOOOOVE my CHI (: Definitely worth every penny i ever spent. Heats up quick and gets the job done. Just make sure to use a heat protectant spray and you're good to go! Makes awesome natural looking curls so don't be afraid to play around! Thank you God for providing us girls with hair problems this wonderful invention (;