Beauty Product Reviews

Great for Combo-Oily and easily irritatied skin

This is a great foundation for anyone with oilier skin. When you first put the product on it feels a little bit dry, but once it has had a chance to "mix" with your natural oils, it looks and feels amazing. I tend to use this when my skin is freaking out because this gives great coverage and doesn't irritate. This is pretty expensive, but definitely worth it! :)

Life Changing!

I'm the type of person who screws up their nail polish is 10 seconds or less! Seche Vite changed that for me. My nails dry quickly and end up lasting me a day or two. Nail polish doesn't last that long on me anyways...

I can't give this 5 stars because of the smell. It smells a bit toxic and if your pregnant or sensitive you might want to skip it!


This is one of the most used products in my collection! I use it almost everyday. I like that it is a 2-in1 and I can take it anywhere. And for 3 bucks... I'll take two!

Awesome, but Pricey

I think Urban Decay finally got it right with the Naked Palette. Their other palettes are nice, but including colors like, bright pink and purple aren't colors most people wear on a regular basis. It's pretty surprising it took them this long to figure it out. I love this palette, but I didn't get it until my boyfriend purchased it for me.

I also wish I would have gotten one that had the eye pencil. I'm not crazy about the brush and the $4 price hike! I've been able to create so many great looks with this!