Beauty Product Reviews

Great palette, I love it!

Do I recommend it? Yes. Absolutely positive about that. More than that, in my opinion this smoky palette is the best one in their Naked line. Very versatile. You can create any makeup using this palette. I have a review on this palette: <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a>

Not great.

Of course you can check them out. They have a lot of different eye shadow quads. I suppose the quality will not be the same depending on their texture. Maybe those with a more metallic-y texture are gonna be smoother and more pigmented. I think I will stop at what I got, not really interested to try the other ones. Read my full review at my blog: <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a>

Nice neutral palette

I own this palette :) It's pretty nice, I would love some of the colors to be more pigmented and less chalky :) And of course the price, I find it a bit overpriced :) Maybe that's because of the brush that omes with these e/s... :) I have a review on this palette: <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a>

Moisturizing and light foundation!

I love this product so much! It has a light to medium coverage I'd say... It needs up to 20-25 min to set up completely :) It is great for dry skin also, it will not make your skin feel and look drier but make sure you have exfoliated your skin, to not get flaky looking face :) When you need light coverage and wanna even you skin, this is the right choice!!!

Not for fair/light skin

I really like how it looks in the package... :) but not on my skin :) Just too orange on me. Sometimes it applies in spots, if you grab too much bronzer at once :D I mean it gets cakey if you overdo a bit :) It tends to dry in a while :) So, my verdict is : girls with FAIR/LIGHT skin complexion, avoid this bronzer :)

Medium coverage foundation

I do love this foundation as well :) Use it almost every day. It did not break me out... I adore its pump! You can squeeze as much or as little as you need! No lost of product! Like its packaging :) The only thing I dislike is its coverage :) It's medium I'd say. But I like it anyways, your skin will look nice in pics ;)

My favourite one is Milk

I like using NYX Jumbo Pnecil in Milk when I'm doing bright and vivid looks! The colors look so much better and less fallout :) But I am really not imoressed and even dislike the others NYX Jumbo Pnecils which I have tried :) In my opinion, the only one that is worthing your attention and money is MILK :)