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Second tube, second year

This is great for filling in your eyebrows if you want a natural look and adding bulk if you want to recreate a different shape. I love that you can use the little spoolie to blend it in. The tubes last me about a year because I don't use them daily

It's amazing

I always said that I would never spend more than $10 on a mascara but I decided to give it a go after Dulce Candy raved about it. It is the best thing I've ever used. I've repurchased it 5 times over the last two years. It makes my lashes longer than any other mascara from any of the 100's of brands I've tried since 2002. It is expensive but it's part of my everyday makeup now so I can't live with out it

Love at first use

This thing is amazing. I do think it's severely overpriced being $29CDN and all. It's only meant to be used for 4 months too =( It does wonders for blending out makeup. It gives a super dewy finish.

Better than' Tarte's

I like this one way more than Tarte it's nearly waterproof it matches my natural brown hair colour better and the spoolie is mrea ngled. The major downfall is it's supppppper expensive because theres so little product


I'm a MAC lip girl but this lipstick takes the cake. It's so moisturizing the wear isn't as good as matte but still really good! The colour payoff is incredible too

If you haven't, then you need to...

Inglot is amazing. I've been hearing about ti for years from gurus like makeupbyleina and I bough two shades each time I went to the states in 2012. I have a total of six shades now some are the rainbow variety others solid mattes or shimmer. They are all AMAZING. I think the quality runs similar to MAC (which IMO is a bit -less- creamy than UD's formula but still good) The staying power really depends on your primer I find without a primer it fades more easily than I'm used to but in all other regards it's excelle.

Good price, packaging, pigmentation - he three P's you need in eyeshadows

Good for the Price

I like the smell although it can be overpowering at fist. It's a thick cream that coats te curls. I love it's ability to lock moisture in and it holds a curl relatively well!

Not for the tightly curled girlies

This product works like most mousses, it's great for super light hold and barely there feel. Butttt if you're looking for something more substantial especially if you've got wound up spirals you may wanna over look this one

My Spring, Summer, My Everything

Have you eer smelled a scent that just takes you away? Makes you float on a cloud? Feel lighter than air? That's how I feel when I smell this. I haven't bought a perfume for myself in years, i usually get them as gifts but this I had to. I love it too much!

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but I love this red it suits my skin tone it's not to crazy and it doesn't make my teeth look like they're suffering from jaundice. What more could a girl want from a red lippie?

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