Beauty Product Reviews

It really is the perfect red!

Wow. Let me preface this by saying that I am really, really picky about anything I put on my lips. Anything without the texture of a lip balm bothers me, all day. Stickiness, goopiness, dryness, and the like automatically make me toss a product in the trash. It's just how I am about lip products.

But, holy goodness, this is the best stuff ever. It feels like a balm, and dilevers a really rich color payoff. A great purchase in great packaging. Go for it, fellow beauty aficionados!

Fantastic, if you can use it correctly.

I'm a fan of this highlighter - the product itself is gorgeous, warm and luminous, especially on my fair skin. However, the applicator is really, really strange. I'm not sure why they used nail polish for inspiration, but the brush is obviously not the best way to apply it.

I've used everything from blending brushes to fingers and sponges, with different results. I would recommend this, but only if you're willing to figure out your own system for using it. If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, I also have the Benefit "Watt's Up," highlighter, which applies much easier on the first glow, but is more champagne-y than peachy, like this.

It's all up to your makeup system!