Beauty Product Reviews

Love it!

I love mine, I've had it since 2007. I keep mine at my boyfriends house in CA and I have FHI Heat and De Fabulous flat irons with me. I kinda collect them hahaha anyway it's a bit expensive but if you're wiling to spend the money it's a good investment.

Love Love Love

When I do makeup for Halloween parties, other than using it for lashes, I use it to adhere rhinestones and other doodads to my creations. It is unbelievable that all the gems stayed on the whole night! This stuff is amazing.

I love it - 1 thing

When you living the middle of nowhere it's hard to find brands like OPI and ORLY around so you do the next best thing...go to Walmart! I was pleasantly surprised how vivid the pigment was but it stained my nails SO bad. It was actually pretty funny because it looked like my nails were freezing because of the color blue. But otherwise it's a good product.


Ain't it the cutest lip balm you've ever seen! I love this stuff especially because it doesn't have a super sweet taste when you wear it. It's perfect for me!

Love It!

By far my favorite mascara and trust me I try them all. I started with the Mini when I bought some Too Faced products from Sephora and when I ordered again there was a mistake on my order and instead of sending me a lip gloss I got 2 full sized Lash Injections! I was very excited. I think it's a must have item. And can I just add, it smells so good, although that could just be me thinking that.