Beauty Product Reviews

Sallly Hansen Make Up Products need more hype!

Absolutely love these lipsticks, they are soft and creamy and go own very smooth and opaque. It is a shame that this line of makeup from Sally Hansen doesn't get much hype but the line is very amazing. I was able to pick up several of these lipsticks during the annual CVS clearance sale and I love them!


I made a quick visit to Little Tokyo the other day, and entered what i call "NYX Heaven" lol. They had everything!!!!! I've been wanting to try these lip glosses and for $2.50 a pop how could i say no? I picked up: Doll Pink, Peach, and Whipped. I absolutely love Doll pink! It applied very opaque and its such a beautiful magenta color. Whipped is a wonderful nude color and is amazing for those neutral looks [= Peach was my least favorite, when used alone. But when paired with the Rimmel Lipstick in Peach Sorbet...OMG! fantastic!