5 Must-Try Charcoal Products


[Photo: ©Nadine Greeff / Stocksy United]

Most of us are familiar with those satisfying charcoal peel-off masks that extract all the oil and dirt clogging your pores. Charcoal is typically infused in detoxifying masks and cleansers because it is clinically proven to purify complexions by deeply eradicating the toxins living in skin. But what exactly is this miracle ingredient and how does it work?

The charcoal in your skincare is “activated,” meaning that this carbon substance is heated at a higher temperature to increase its porosity. Its sponge-like texture is perfect for trapping toxins and impurities and drawing them away from the skin. The result? Brighter, cleaner, and clearer skin! However, the story of charcoal doesn’t end with potent facial masks and washes.

There’s a whole world of charcoal skincare waiting to be explored, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorites. These products are formulated with different types of activated charcoal—bamboo and binchotan, to name a few—for enhanced skin balancing and cleansing properties.

UMA Deeply Clarifying Neem Charcoal Cleanser, $68

Step one for banishing stubborn blemishes: swap your current cleanser with a charcoal-formulated alternative. Backed by the impurity-busting power of charcoal and botanic Neem, Uma’s Deeply Clarifying Cleanser delivers on its title. Whether you use it as a traditional cleanser or exfoliant, the anti-microbial formula removes surface debris and digs down deep to clean out pores.

Sunday Riley Charcoal Smoothie Jelly Body Scrub, $38

Bring charcoal with you into the shower for full body detoxification. Sunday Riley’s Charcoal Smoothie Body Scrub harnesses activated charcoal, salicylic acid, and jojoba seed oil to unclog pores, exfoliate, and hydrate—can your shower gel do that? This scrub’s specialty is skin polishing, so target the granulated formula on bumpy, textured, or flaky skin for ultra-smooth results.

ROSEN Skincare Charcoal Face Mask , $18

Bumps and blackheads, begone! There’s a solution for stubborn skin texture: activated charcoal masks. ROSEN Skincare’s Charcoal Face Mask extracts dirt and debris from hard-to-clean pores for smoother skin with consistent use. Infused with charcoal and bentonite clay, the acne-busting formula absorbs excess oil while shrinking pores to prevent future skin blockages. Apply at least twice a week for effective detoxification.

Briogeo Scalp Revival Line (varied prices)

Charcoal isn’t just for the face down. Massage it on your scalp to clean, rebalance, and lay a healthy foundation for hair growth. Briogeo’s Scalp Revival line features an exfoliating shampoo, hair mask, and dry shampoo, each featuring binchotan charcoal to draw out impurities, remove build up, and fully detoxify hair and scalp.

beautyblender blendercleanser solid pro, $45

This charcoal-infused take on the original blendercleanser solid takes brush and beautyblender cleansing to a whole new level of cleanliness. The blendercleanser solid pro allows you to clean multiple brushes at once for complete dirt and oil removal in one quick and easy wash. The formula melts makeup off your blender and brushes while protecting against 99.7% of harmful germs for detoxified tools that look brand new!