Unwrap a Work of Art with Oribe x Kohei Kyomori


If you get just as excited about beautiful packaging as the product itself, you’re not alone. Oribe fans wait all year for the brand’s holiday collection—not just for the limited-edition value savings but also for their spot-on artful packaging. Each year, Oribe partners with world-renowned artists to create unique, collectible packaging you can feel good about gifting (and getting). Oribe’s 2022 Holiday Collection is no exception—here’s more about the inspiration behind this year’s exclusive packaging.

Meet the artist

The cult-favorite haircare brand partnered with Japanese artist Kohei Kyomori to create unique designs for this year’s limited-edition gift sets. Tokyo-based Kyomori is known for his vibrant, digital reinterpretations of classic ornaments and sculpted objects for the modern, contemporary age.

Behind the design

Inspired by Oribe’s goddess logo, Kohei created the “Goddess of Paradise” painting—featuring traditional Japanese animal and plant motifs in a brilliant garden, where a goddess’ flowing hair marvelously melds into cascading water. The water in the artwork takes a myriad of shapes and forms, representing diverse, beautiful hair textures. Reminiscent of Oribe’s signature Côte d’Azur fragrance, you’ll also see animals allured by the scents of plants. All boxes and enclosed packaging feature elements of the painting, making each one a covetable gift.

Feel-good packaging

Bonus: the artwork is featured on boxes made from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) paper. Plus, internal trays are made from 100% biodegradable and renewable plant fiber, produced at zero emission and zero waste to landfill manufacturing facilities. And, both packaging components are recyclable.

See Oribe x Kohei Kyomori in action in Oribe’s 2022 Holiday Collection.

Images courtesy of Oribe