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Everything You Need to Know About Jeffree Star’s Blue Blood Collection


New season, new Jeffree Star Cosmetics products. Jeffree’s spring launch, the Blue Blood Collection, is bigger, frostier, and bluer than anything he’s ever dropped! Prepare for a slew of ice-inspired products, including brand new liquid frost shades, velour lip scrubs, mini velour liquid lipsticks, makeup bags, eye shadow and more (and don’t forget to sign-up for updates on the launch!). Here’s everything we know about Jeffree’s new releases:

It wouldn’t be a true Jeffree Star launch without a new eye shadow palette! This drop features Jeffree’s 6th eye shadow palette, which includes 18 pans of pigmented color with a chilly, cool payoff in the Blue Blood Eyeshadow Palette.

Blue Blood Eyeshadow Palette Shades:

First Row

  • Cullinan: Icy white with a metallic finish
  • Mintea: Mint with a matte finish
  • Crystal Flesh: Champagne with a metallic finish
  • I’m Cold: Powder blue with a matte finish
  • Untouchable (pressed pigment): Soft peach with a matte finish
  • Priceless: Peachy tan with a matte finish

Second Row

  • Power: Deep slate gray with blue undertones and a matte finish
  • Blue Blood: Sky blue with a matte finish
  • Deceased: Deep cayenne blue with a metallic finish
  • Ice Tray: Soft pale blue with a metallic finish
  • Blue Monday (pressed pigment): Vibrant blue with a matte finish
  • Flourishing: Bright teal with green-blue undertones and matte finish

Third Row

  • Wealthy: Soft beige with a matte finish
  • Celebrity Skin: Soft brown with a matte finish
  • Entitled: Metallic teal with a glitter reflect
  • Ocean Ice (pressed pigment): Metallic royal blue with a glitter reflect
  • Cremated: Dark gray-green with a matte finish
  • Undertaker: Deep blue with a matte finish

The Velour Liquid Lipsticks are back in blue to deliver the rich, long-lasting formula you know and love with The Mini Velour Liquid Lipsticks: Blues. These vegan shades are also eye-safe making them versatile options for dramatic liner and shadow looks.

The Mini Velour Liquid Lipsticks: Blues

  • Drug Lord: Pure white with a matte finish
  • Ice Tray (new): Periwinkle blue with a reflect glitter finish
  • Jawbreaker: Neon pastel blue with a matte finish
  • Blue Velvet: Vibrant royal blue with a matte finish
  • Abused: Purple-toned dark navy with a matte finish
  • Diamond: Light periwinkle blue with a matte finish
  • Titanic (new): Metallic royal blue with a glitter finish
  • Medusa: Slate gray with a blue undertone and matte finish

This year’s goosebump-giving collection features new Liquid Frost in five new frigid shades:

  • Frostitute: Soft minty-teal with a metallic-glitter finish
  • Ice Cream Bling: Peachy gold with a metallic-glitter finish
  • Blue Balls: Icy blue with a metallic-glitter finish
  • Michigan Ice: Silver baby blue with a metallic-baby blue glitter finish
  • Expensive: Gold with a metallic-blue glitter finish

Jeffree’s best-selling Velour Lip Scrubs will soon be available in three more tasty flavors:

  • Vanilla Mint: Jeffree calls it a “safer flavor,” based on one of his favorite flavor combinations.
  • Blueberry Pie: Captures the smell of baking in the kitchen.
  • Blue Freeze: Jeffree says that it tastes like the slurpees you buy at the movie theatre.

Get ready for spring versions of your favorite merchandise :

  • Star Mirror in Dark Blue Chrome
  • Travel Makeup Bag in Vibrant Blue
  • Travel Makeup Bag in Powder Blue
  • Dad hat in Baby blue with a dark blue JSC star logo
  • Dad hat in Baby blue with a baby pink JSC star logo

The Blue Blood Collection launches on March 29, 2019 at 10AM PT/ 1PM ET on Jeffree Star Cosmetics releases can sell out quickly, so sign up here to receive instant launch updates for the Blue Blood Collection.