3 Quarantine Must-Haves, According to Our Editors

Photo: Tatiana / Pexels

None of us could have been prepared for months of self-isolation and social distancing. As everyone bought up on toilet paper and hand sanitizers, being the very serious beauty editors that we are, we also made sure our beauty arsenal was stocked. With minimal social interaction and literally nowhere to go, it’s safe to say that we’re all evaluating our priorities—including beauty routines. Which products are we still holding onto at home? Which products are we still reaching for with no one to impress but ourselves? And most importantly, why? There’s nothing like a global pandemic to help us reprioritize. Here are the beauty products getting our editors through quarantine.

IGK Mixed Feelings Brunette Toning Drops, $29

“Since regular trips to the salon are off the table, I’ve been using these blue toning drops to keep my color-treated hair from turning brassy. I love them for two reasons:

1. It’s surprisingly hard to find a blue toning product. Most are purple, which is great for neutralizing yellow tones in blonde hair, but if you have brown hair, orange and red tones are more likely to show up as your color fades—meaning blue is a better choice.

2. You can add them into anything—from your shampoo to your conditioner to styling products. I add them to my go-to conditioner for a weekly deep-conditioning/toning mask.” —Kathryn F.

Caudalie Gentle Cleansing Milk, $14

“I’ve been using a milky cleanser to wash my face every morning and night. This creamier alternative refreshes skin without completely stripping it of moisture, and I’ve found that it’s great for sensitive/dry skin types. I like this one specifically because it’s loaded with soothing natural ingredients, including grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, and oat extracts that leave my skin feeling super smooth. It also provides a light layer of moisture post-wash for lasting hydration throughout the day without having to slather on multiple creams. I simply wash, add a little powder and blush, and I’m good to go for the day!” —Victoria V.

The Sacred Ritual Bath Salts, $26

“While I haven’t touched my makeup in months (you’re welcome, skin!), I’m focusing on self-care now more than ever. One of my favorite self-care rituals that grounds me and truly brings me peace is a simple, warm bath. This bath salt has been my savior, because it’s packed with muscle-relaxing dead sea salt, mood-boosting citrus, and skin-brightening matcha. Win-win-win. It also contains these beautiful dried flowers that make any bath look Instagram-worthy and adds a super luxe special touch. You won’t find me at a spa anytime soon, but this bath salt helps me pretend I’m there.” —Nurain A.