Would You Put This Product on Your Lips?


It could be the weirdest repurposing of a cosmetic we’ve heard of yet. Dr. Lipp’s Nipple Balm, originally created for nursing mothers, has found new life as a lip balm that makeup artists love cultishly.

Boasting a reduction in skin roughness by 40% in one hour, the balm contains 100% natural, medical-grade ingredients like lanolin, which has been used in beauty treatments for centuries. Derived from sheep’s fleece, the oils and waxes of lanolin are similar to the kind we produce naturally, which makes the balm quick and easy for skin to absorb.

The versatile Nipple Balm makes a great addition to any makeup kit. Aside from a lip balm/gloss, it can be used to create a glossy, runway-ready look on the eyelids, or mixed with shadow or blush to become an ideal cream pigment. It can also be dabbed on cheekbones for a highlight, rubbed into cuticles, patted into fine lines to hydrate and smoothen, and swept onto brows for a light, healthy sheen. The possibilities are endless! And the benefits aren’t just aesthetic—the balm is medically approved to treat eczema as well as diaper rash, burns, cuts, and—of course—chafes caused by nursing.

Tip we love: To exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick, smooth on Nipple Balm at the beginning of your makeup routine. Let sit while you apply the rest of your makeup, then take a Q-tip and rub the balm into your lips in small circles. The cotton on the Q-tip will exfoliate, and the balm will protect and nourish lips.

Dr. Lipp’s balm isn’t the first nipple product to repurpose itself and take the beauty world by storm—remember how Benefit Benetint started out as a tint for, ahem, exotic dancers?

Do you have a favorite product that you use for something other than its stated purpose? Share below in the comments!