Juice Your Way ... to Shinier, Healthier Hair!


Juicing for Healthy Hair

Today, we’re juicin’ our way to healthier, shinier hair. Give your hair optimal nutrition from the inside out, so it can be its most gorgeous self and break less often!

Healthy, Shiny Hair Juice

Note: If you don’t have a juicer, this would work in the blender. The juice would be a lot thicker, but the raw nutrients will still be there.

You will need

4–5 big Swiss chard leaves
Swiss chard is mild-tasting and loaded with vitamins A and C, which, among other things, help boost the production of sebum, otherwise known as your scalp’s natural conditioner. Shiny, soft locks!

1 peeled lemon
Lemons help sharpen the juice’s flavor and provide vitamin C, something your body needs to absorb iron. If you’re not getting enough iron, guess what? Your hair gets weak and dries out.

1 large, peeled naval orange
More vitamin C!

1 large peeled (if you’re blending) or unpeeled (if you’re juicing) sweet potato
Sweet potatoes are chock-full of beta-carotene, a substance your body converts into vitamin A—the stuff that keeps your scalp from getting dry (dandruff, folks) and prevents dullness.

3 large, unpeeled carrots
More beta-carotene! We want allllll the beta-carotene we can get!

10–15 strawberries with the green tops removed
Strawberries are nature’s adorable little vessels for carrying folate (a B vitamin) to thirsty strands, making them strong and healthy. Plus, they’re full of antioxidants, and they make this juice deliciously sweet.

Wash and de-pit or de-stem everything, then toss everything into your juicer and hit the “on” button. Or throw everything into your blender and add about a cup of water, to help liquify your juice, and then hit “on.”

This recipe will make about 30 ounces of juice; if you have leftovers, keep it in the fridge in an airtight container, and stir before drinking. Finish it all up within two days, as fresh, raw juice loses its near-magical powers rapidly.

This one will be a gorgeous pink-orange, greenish color, which when mixed thoroughly together will turn a hybrid color, sort of green, sort of pink. Thanks to the sweet potato, it also has a creamy texture, which makes it sort of like a strawberry-orange shake. It’s a tasty way to start your day. I recommend drinking a glass of this while chanting “O hair, shine bright like a diamond” between gulps.

Read more about why Krista loves juicing here. Have you tried juice for healthy hair? Tell us how in the comments!

Photo: Paula Thomas / FLICKR