How to Prevent (or Conceal) That Little Red Sunglasses Mark


In the summertime, most of us don’t set foot outdoors without a big pair of sunnies. But nothing undermines all that glamour and sun protection (not to mention a perfect makeup job) like that telltale red patch that often pops up on the bridge of your nose! Depending on your facial structure and the shape of your glasses, there may be little you can do to avoid those red patches, says celebrity makeup artist Julianne Kaye. Here are her best camouflage tips.

Let Skin Recover

If you can, try removing your sunglasses a few minutes before your arrival (to a meeting, dinner, wherever). That’ll help any indentation or redness subside.

Touch-Up When You Arrive

Another easy trick? “Don't powder that area of your face until you reach your destination,” advises Kaye. This helps keep your makeup from getting cakey. Instead, leave the bridge of your nose bare during your morning routine, and then after you get where you’re going, gently pat on concealer with your fingertip.

Bring Portable Products

“Urban Decay makes a concealer pencil that's creamy but dries matte, so it's perfect for this situation on the go!" says Kaye. The ultra-portability and precision of this pencil makes it an ideal everyday makeup bag staple. Finish with a quick press of translucent powder or powder foundation with the included puff or sponge (try Too Faced Amazing Face Powder). If you’re feeling a little too “made up,” spritz with a setting spray for a more dewy complexion (try Evian Facial Spray or MAC Mineralize Charged Water Skin Hydrating Mist). Voila! Keep rocking those shades, and nobody will be the wiser.