Road Test: Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex



Yes, I've had Botox. Ever since my late 20's, I've felt self-conscious about a crease that ran across my forehead. At first it looked like a mere hyphen, but the years progressed, it deepened and lengthened until it was a real line (nothing fine about this one). I called it my "editor's wrinkle," a by-product of raising my eyebrows in shock, encouragement, and wonder during interviews—a beauty editor battle scar, if you will. Then on the eve of my 29th birthday, I had Botox for the first time. Four quick pinpricks and about a week later, my forehead was smooth and the "editor's wrinkle" disappeared.

Since that fateful day, I've gotten a few more toxin touch ups, usually waiting at least a year in between injections (yes, you did the math correctly: I'm 32). But now that I moved from New York City to Los Angeles and am trying to adopt a more natural approach to anti-aging (this is why you'll see me chugging down green smoothies every morning in an attempt to stay healthy), Botox doesn't seem to fit my new lifestyle. Sure, there are plenty of ladies in L.A. who swear by the shots, but there are also many who look like they could use a vacation from their dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Seriously, is there a such thing as Botox rehab? I think of enough celebrity "addicts" to cast a Dr. Drew reality show.

So when Olay approached me to do their 14-day challenge, I was game. 14-days for Botox-like results without a needle? Sounds good to me. And here's how it went:

Day 1: Love the scent of this gel-cream—it smells clean, like Pantene conditioner. The silky texture reminds me of a primer. I don't feel any numbing or anything like when I had Botox, but my sunscreen and makeup glide on smoothly on top. I was worried about what the "light diffusing particles" would be, but there's no mica in the ingredient list and I don't see a speck of shimmer on my face, thank goodness. In fact, after the product absorbs into the skin (very fast), it leaves a velvety matte texture.

Day 5: My lines do look better when I have the moisturizer on, but I haven't noticed any permanent changes in my "editor's wrinkle" yet. I concentrate most of the Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex on my forehead and crow's feet and like that it contains both antioxidants and peptides, so it helps me day and night. I always apply antioxidants under my sunscreen to increase its protection and peptides help to smooth skin in the long run.

Day 14: Is it just me or do my crow's feet look a little less noticeable when I wake up? The "editor's wrinkle" is still there, but the smaller lines around it (great, more for me to obsess over) are softened, like they've been buffed out with foundation, but I haven't applied any makeup yet. Hopefully, with another two weeks, they'll be almost invisible!

Final verdict: Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex is like spackle for fine lines, but a super potent spackle that also helps to permanently fill in the trouble spots.

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