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The '60s are having a major moment right now. As witnessed at both the fall/winter and spring/summer 2012 fashion shows, in magazine editorials, on It girls, and on TV (have you watched Pan Am yet?), everyone is having a love affair with the time period. British It girl Alexa Chung openly admits her love for all things '60s (from the flicked cat-eye liner to the short mod dresses that caused such a riot during that time), and makeup collections are inspired by it. "I adore the '60s for its focus on the eyes, making the lashes or liner the center of attention," says makeup artist Jemma Kidd, whose current Jemma Kidd Makeup School collection was inspired by the era. "Its bold statements with monochromatic colors, larger-than-life lashes, and of course the black eye liner, are so beautiful. Large dark eyes with soft matte pale skin and a nude mouth is one of the sexiest, sultriest looks in makeup. Not to mention that classic banana eye liner in the crease of the eye! Working a dark shadow along the crease opens up the eyes, and adding liquid liner and false lashes can amplify your eyes, just like Brigitte Bardot’s.”

Twiggy's Eye Lashes

Twiggy was an iconic model of her time, and her huge lashes are still copied today (look at celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Eva Longora—their lashes are even longer!). Along with Jean Shrimpton, Twiggy was stick thin with huge eyes, a massive step away from the glamorous, womanly models that had been previously loved.

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The Cat Eye

As we mentioned, Alexa Chung loves a cat eye. She can be seen at almost every fashion show and in every editorial with a dark slick of eye liner extending from her eyes. This look was huge in the '60s, and it hasn't lost popularity since.

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Pink Lipstick

While the '60s claimed it as frosted lipstick, in today's world we've toned it down a bit. Bold lip colors such as red, fuchsia, and plum might be all the rage now, but classic pink lips are always in style and complement almost every skin type.

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