Color Inside the Lines!



We've already shown you how to master the cat eye. But another great use for eye liner is inside your lash line. The rimming effect can emphasize the shape and color of your eyes. Celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow (clients include Claire Danes and Amanda Peet) is back to chat about the ins and outs of eye liner techniques.

What different effects can you get from rimming your inner lash line?

“White and nudes will give you a wide-eye effect,” says Tina. White was often used in the 1960s to achieve that fresh, doll-inspired eye (à la Twiggy), so it can also seem a bit retro today. “A black eye pencil will make your eyes seem a bit smaller but also more intense.” Black also enhances the shape, and you can smudge the line to create a subtle smoky eye. Also, “any darker blue-based shades will contrast against the whites of your eyes and make them seem even more white.”

Should you ever match your eye liner with your eye color?

“For green or blue eyes, I would suggest choosing darker, richer variations on your eye color to help accentuate your natural color,” says Tina. Opt for navy, plum, or black pencils. For dark brown eyes, try a pop of color along the lower water line. “This will brighten up your eyes,” says Tina. The same theory goes for shadow too. You don't want color overload, so when in doubt, “always do a graduated effect, keeping the eye liner as the darkest shade. If you used a lighter liner (white or nude), go with earth tone shadows to complement the bright eye,” suggests Tina.

What colors should you avoid?

“Steer clear of yellows, golds, reds, and pinks as they can reflect into your eyes and make the whites appear to be that color,” explains Tina.

How far into the inner corner should you draw?

“It depends on the shape of your eyes. The closer you draw near the inner corner, the more the effect will create the illusion that your eyes are closer together,” says Tina. “I would recommend going about three-quarters of the way in and then dusting a lighter shimmer shadow in the inner corner. If you want a Goth or punk vibe, go all the way.”

What is the best formula for rimming?

“Kohl pencils tend to stay in place better and last longer than other products. Plus, they are pure and more natural,” says Tina. “Powder and liquid liners are messier and can get caught in your lashes and smudge—or worse, end up in your tear ducts!”

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