Save Your Hair From Summer Damage


Summer is a great time to try out a new ‘do, but the pool and surf can leave your hair looking less perfect, a little more...scruffy. Securing your hair properly before hitting the water will lessen some of the damage, but chlorine, sun, wind, and waves can strip your strands of their natural oils, leaving them dry, brittle, and full of dead ends. We spoke with New York City-based hairstylist and creative director for Nexxus Salon Hair Care Kevin Mancuso (he trained under Vidal Sasson!) for some tips on how to look after your locks when the season ends.

Protect Your Locks!

Ensuring your locks are full of moisture will prevent damage, so load up on the conditioning treatments before hitting the surf. “Chlorine and ocean water dehydrate hair, so by ensuring your locks are full of moisture  less damage will be caused,” explains Kevin. “Second, I would also recommend wearing a hat, which can help protect against sun damage, such as fading or bleaching color treated hair.”

Post-Surf Treatment

If you don’t protect your hair before you swim, long-lasting damage can be caused. However, there are some tips to restoring the health of your hair. “As soon as you’re finished swimming,  rinse your hair immediately to remove the chlorine or salt, which dries your locks out,” advises Kevin.  “I recommend doing this every time you exit the pool or surf! After cleansing or shampooing your hair, use a deep conditioning treatment to rehydrate and restore moisture. For damaged hair with a delicate texture, I like using Nexxus Emergencée Restorative Strength Conditioning Treatment.”

Extra-Special Care

  1. Whether wet or dry, make sure you brush hair gently.

  2. Weekly conditioning treatments always pay off.

  3. Be mindful of the amount of direct heat you use when working with styling/heat tools.   

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