Tooth Tech: The Latest Gadgets For Your Teeth


We’ve gone on about what foods you should avoid and how important it is to brush and floss regularly, but even proper maintenance won’t rid your pearly whites of stains. Mouth care is going tech—and we’ve discovered three new products to try.


Our first discovery for whiter-than-white teeth? An electric toothbrush equipped with ultrasonic technology. Ultrasound is generated by a chip inside the brush head which creates high-frequency impulses transported through the bristles (and special toothpaste) to your teeth. While the vibrating brush cleans your enamel, the ultrasonic waves destroy plaque, tartar, and bacteria far below the gum line. Be warned, it is pricey, but you will notice results almost immediately—think dazzling teeth and a noticeably cleaner mouth.


If you’re anything like us, flossing is one step you’d rather forget about. However, not getting the nasties out from between your teeth leads to cavities and tooth decay. This device is more like a trip to the water park than your basic flossing experience, and shoots a jet-powered stream of water between your teeth. A device that actually makes the chore of flossing fun? We’ll take it.


Finally, say hello to dissolving mouth-whitening strips. These stealthy strips disintegrate in five to ten minutes and teeth are noticeably whiter after two weeks! They’re easy to slip into your handbag so you can use them anywhere, and don’t irritate sensitive gums.