Beauty Talk: What's Your Number?


File this under weird beauty habits, but I have this personal rule that I can only use up to 10 makeup products on my face for a work day. Call it OCD, call it what you will—it's 10 or I've gone too far.

My beauty anomaly aside, we in the Beautylish offices have been fascinated by a recent forum thread asking the community how many products they use a for a full face of makeup. While there's no golden mean of makeup, the majority of answers were between 10 and 20 products.

Some preferred the emphasis a polished lip, and included primer, liner, color, and shine on their checklist. Others were all eyes, and cataloged various shadows, and lashes, and brow groomers as daily essentials. Of course, there were those facial fanatics who used a long list of skin essentials to perfect their complexion.

But does more equal better? Not necessarily. Some of you makeup ninjas can master a full face with minimal product, while others prefer the variety of working with multiple colors and effects—and there's absolutely nothing wrong with either decision. But we're curious to know more about the rest of our community. How many products do you use in a day, and which facial feature gets your full product priority every morning?