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Weave Tricks: DIY Side Braid with Audrey Kitching


For years we have been obsessing over model and fashion maven Audrey Kitching’s wavy pink locks. A near guru of extensions, we’ve seen Audrey rock every weave-worthy hairstyle imaginable all with cotton candy sweetness, and a touch of bohemian flair. Hair extensions may seem fussy, but Audrey wears her’s loose, flowing, and easygoing, making good weave—pink or not—look like a piece of cake! Below Audrey shares the tricks behind her self described “Joan of Arc meets Barbie” messy side braid hairstyle.

Start With the Right Cut

The trick to this style is a layered cut. I ask my hairdresser to layer my front extensions to give them a natural look, and then blend up the back with more subtle layering. That way, when I pull my braid to one side I’ll get shorter layers falling around my face giving it that messy look.

Use the Right Tools

I use Big Sexy Hair Powder Play on my roots. It builds volume, and gives my hair a coarser texture to match the extensions. A beach spray comes in handy to use on the actual extensions. It breaks the hair up a little bit and makes it look like you’ve slept on it.

Clip it in

To start, I normally use four 18-inch long two-inch wide clip-in extensions. I place two in back, and one on either side. If your hair is thicker, you may need to up it to two on either side to match the density.

Braid Away

I pull my hair down to one side and do a typical braid, but I’ll braid it really tight and fasten it with a hair band. Then I pull the loose pieces at the end apart to push the hairband up and loosen the braid. I pull out little layered pieces all down the braid to make it look undone, and then pull the hair band back down, tightening it again.

Tie it Off

I use braiding rubber bands that you can find at beauty stores. I like that they come in clear, as well as neon colors. After I finish my braid I’ll wrap a tiny piece of the extension around the band and tuck it in to hide it.