Benefit's SpyGal Comic Fights Crime—and Pores!


Beauty geeks rejoice! If you thought the makeup world couldn't get any cooler, leave it to the creatives at Benefit to bring us our latest lunchtime read: a comic book just for us beauty mavens. With comic-strip cinema all the rage and Comic-con just a few months away, the brand teamed up with Marvel to bring the beauty masses a new kind of sexy super heroine. SpyGal: Thrills, Frills, and Espionage, is inspired by Benefit’s best-selling retro primer, the POREfessional. The jam-packed comic was written by James Asmus (whose credits include Uncanny X-Men and Captain America), and illustrated by acclaimed artist Phil Noto (the guy behind Avengers: The Origin and X-Men: Origins!). The story chronicles the globe-trotting, skin-saving persona SpyGal as she fights crime, empowers women, and (gasp!) eliminates bad skin with her secret weapon: A pore-zapping ray gun. Watch out for more kick-ass beauty gadgets that perform double-duty—like the power puff smoke bomb and lipstick poison! We had more than a few chuckle-worthy moments leafing through Benefit's debut comic. Could beauty cartoons the new collectors' item? We're keeping our copy, just in case.

Pick up your free, gift-with-purchase copy of “SpyGal: Thrills, Frills, & Espionage,” available June at Benefit counters worldwide.

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