3 Odd but Amazing Eye Application Techniques


Here at Beautylish, we love to talk makeup. Brushes, lipstick, nail polish, lashes, eye shadow, foundation, blush—the list is neverending! But when it comes to applying said products, our techniques couldn’t be anymore diverse. Whether you apply your lipstick with a paint brush or use six different types of mascara, everyone has their own way of doing things. We rounded up some of the most unique beauty application methods we’ve heard of, but we want to hear your stories, too! Let us know in the comments below.


Whether you wiggle your wand or use three different formulas, there are many ways to wack on this eye-opener. Our favorite? Hold your mascara wand on your bottom lashes and close your eyes, then drag the mascara wand up through your lashes. Voilá—every little hair is coated.


Some of us have the knack for precise application, and some of us...don’t. Fortunately, we found an eye liner trick that works perfectly for beauty beginners (it’s also easier with liquid liner). Again, close your peepers, and place your liner flat against your upper lashes. Keeping your lids closed, drag the brush tip along your lash line, toward the outer corner of your eye. A flawless stroke in one sweep!


Some makeup artists swear by heating your curler with a blow-dryer before usage, but what if you don’t even have access to the tool? For gals in a bind, try this trick (we stole it from super model Miranda Kerr!). First, apply mascara. Then, hold a spoon up against your lashes for 30 seconds. Your lashes will mold to spoon's shape—talk about bat-worthy!