Beauty Product Reviews

Simple in every way

I have always used Prestige liquid eyeliner throughout my life as far back as middle school. I have recently tried liquid eyeliners from Sephora and the Stilleto by Maybelline and none compare. Prestige goes on true to its color and stays on all day. The brush is easy to use because it can be used for filling in thick lines as well as creating long, thin wings. The small pot of eyeliner also holds enough liquid for several months of even daily use.

My First...

I got this palette when I was in middle school and I still have most of the colors in tact my second year of college. The colors are bright and vibrant and for the price you pay it is well worth it {especially because of how long it lasts}. It is great for beginners and experts alike. Don't let those little cases fool you, they pack a punch and last a long time.


Why would you pay for mascara and primer separately when you can get it in one? This primer makes my eyelashes even longer than what they are already and the mascara doesn't flake or cake. It is well worth you pay for it and ends up being cheaper than what it would cost to buy these two products separately. It tends to last me 6 months.