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May 23, 2014

Veronica B.

I learned that from doing research for a project in school it probably came out wrong. I should have said that everyone has an equal chance of sun damage but sometimes there is the misconception that if you are naturally darker then you can withstand the sun for longer. Often times naturally tan girls will stay in the sun longer and not wear sun screen because it is seen that if you do not burn, it is not damage, but a tan from the sun is damage. I shouldn't of said they tend to be more sun damaged. That wording didnt make much sense. But there is a misconception that they are able to be in the sun longer without protection and that is often what happens. I am part Mexican and while I am pale without the sun I turn brown while in the sun and I used to think it meant I could be in the sun longer than my friends that got sunburned.

May 06, 2014

Noemie C.

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May 04, 2014

Veronica M.

Veronica, lovely name by the way lol.. Can you give me some legit research sources when you say "dark skin tones tend to be more sun damaged because they are able to get more sun and tan" I don't really believe that but I would like to learn more, thanks. Don't feel offended, I wrote it on your page so it could be somewhat private.. Lol.

Jan 16, 2014

Landyn F.

Thanks for the advice your also totes gorge.

Jan 14, 2014

Sandy G.

You're so pretty!

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