Beauty Product Reviews


I feel terrible for those who didn't have a good experience with this but this is my new favorite. I like to use two or three mascaras at a time to get my desired look and this is first on because the wand works wonderful and I never get it on my eyelid anymore. I would recommend this to a person who would rather not wear false eyelashes. I'm in love <3

Not sure

I adore the colors and they are especially beautiful. However I used Oledia and it is a golden yellow and it stained my nails. I did not like that and it's never happened with other nail polishes I've owned. If I continue use I would have to put on a base coat (which sucks).


I absolutely love this product. It has made my ends go from dry to soft which I did not even get with Wen products. It is a definite re purchase. Not only do you know it's working it smells delicious.