Beauty Product Reviews

At first i really liked the coverage but it was really drying. I found that mixing it with my foundation gave me the best coverage and also it blended easily. This is wodnerful covering anything from dark circles to redness. I will repurchase this and I love this. It is expensive but i feel like it's worth it because it covers everything and it lasts a long time. This is the best concealer i tried so far and i recommend this!

I love this for teasing my hair!!! My hair is really fine and its mostly smooth. Its hard to tease it because it just undoes it self. I use a little bit of this in the areas of my hair that i'm going to tease before i tease it. Then it gives me a really strong hold on the tease and it stays the whole day! This is amazing for teasing and i couldn't create big hairstyles without this! The powder just makes the hair sticky so it helps making a mess when you're teasing in a good way. Only problem is you have to be careful about washing your hair afterwards. You have to use a lot of conditioner to get all the tangles out.

Whenever I get a lot of skincare products from clinique i always get the moisture surge as samples. That's when i discovered this product! I am in love with it and I always need this when im doing my make up. Especially in winter when my skin gets so dry , this saves me every time! If my skin gets dry and i apply foundation over it, my face looks flaky or really dry. I love how my makeup goes on smoother with the moisture surge as a base. I can't live without this now! I think its a great product for everyone! It's definitely worth the price!

These are absolutely amazing!! Everything about it, is perfect. The color is really pigmented, you can just wear it alone or under lipstick. Its smooth and stays long. Its not too drying. The price is just so great and the quality is great! I wouldn't want to get any other lip liner! Sometimes with other lip liners it feels like its scratching the lips but this one never did that to me. I'm amazed at the quality and price of the nyx lip liners!

I like how it blends in to my skin but can be dry sometimes. I feel liek i have to really moisturize well before i apply this. Also the packaging is horrible for travelling. Its so flimsy, it just comes off. It also broke rly easily. I like the coverage and it did make me look glowy but just the packaging really upset me.

I love this palette! I never bought any of the other book of shadows so this palette was very special to me. It has a lot of beautiful colors. They are very wearable and there are some fun colors as well. Its really good pigmented. I just don't like the fall outs i get when i use the brighter or the glittery colors. I use this palette a lot. I think it's a good palette. I don't like the packaging. I wish it was easier to open and I wish it was skinnier. It takes up a lot of space. I'm really happy i bought this as my first book of shadows palette.