Beauty Product Reviews

This feels amazing.

This feels and smells sooooo amazing. I honestly loved this product so much. The smell is indescribable but I adore it.

Cute concept

Very cute concept, packaging, and I love the glitter but once applied I can’t see the glitter on my lips. The moisture is very nice I have applied 4 times already today and my lips taste so good right now. I will need to purchase more of these.


First of all the packaging is INSANE!!!!!! The colors are gorgeous and I applied with my finger and the shimmer was absolutely gorgeous! The square pans are a reasonably big size but the palette is small enough to fit in my purse. I’m so excited to add this to my kit.

Smells good

It smells great and feels great, it has a nice refreshing scent for a hot summer day. I haven’t tried it with makeup yet though.

Gorgeous color

Such an amazing formula, beautiful color, pigment is thick and lasts forever. Smells nice!


This smells sooooooo goood and feels sooooo luxurious omg it’s a shame the bottle is so small because I’m going to fly thru it, it smells good like the best kind of Vanilla you could imagine.

Such a pretty color

I should have bought 5 more of this gloss. Not only is this color amazing, but the gloss smells really yummy 🤤 and it’s not sticky or tacky at all. It also lasts very long time! I do wish it would be a little more opaque but it’s okay I still adore it. Also these glosses come in a very big tube so I assume it will last forever!


The colors are sooooo beautiful. Also the packaging was bigger than expected and has a nice feel to it. The metallic fuschia shade is my favorite.

My favorite shade

This is entirely my favorite shade ever from JSC. I’ve gone through at LEAST 5, and I still have some left over. It’s shimmery and cute, dries down nice, lasts forever, it’s BJ proof I hope beautylish always has this color in stock. If you love pale pink lipsticks you would love this. It’s more pink than nude so you don’t have to worry about having a boring brown lipstick.

Smells divine!

The size of this packaging is so big!!!! Not super luxurious but not cheap either. Very cute cap and you get so much product, plus the product smells amazing. I really am digging these bright colors. Jeffree is just so innovative.

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