Beauty Product Reviews

Best. Thing. Ever.

I love this foundation so much, use it every day & never want to miss it. Got it at IMATS this year, for only 20Pounds i think, which is amazing. :) The coverage is flawless, it lasts all day, doesn't smear or anything.. Can really recommend it. :)

Heaven in a palette.

These palettes are sooo amazing! The colours are superpigmented, no matter if you use them as they are or wet. &! They are really affordable, & worth every single penny. If you like bright & colourfull make up, this is a must-have! Only tiny downside: When you live outside of the UK, it's only possible to order it through the internet.. (Am i right? o.O i think so. don't want to lie.) So, yeah. Amazing palette. :)

Btw, i did this look with the colours. :>