Beauty Product Reviews

I decide to purchase one of these after hearing all of the buzz about them. I like the smell and the way it feels on my lips. PLUS its a very inexpensive price .I will admit that I do have to keep reapply throughout the day so I'm not really satisfied with this product. But this will do until I find a better lip balm.The packaging is the best part for me though :-(

This product caught my eye one day while I was Target. It came with the Physician's Formula Bronzer. I was too scared to use it because I didnt think it would look right on my skin. I hate that I waited so long to try it. I love this product. It adds the extra Umph to any make up look and the applicator is very easy to use. I like how it has different shades of pink which can be blended to create your perfect shade! It's not harsh at all and I think it looks right on any skin tone. I purchased a duo set for about $13.00 and it was worth EVERY cent :-)

I absolutely LOVE this brow pencil. I purchased mine for $0.99 at Walmart. They are very inexpensive and easy to use! This is an excellent product to use especially if you are a beginner (like me) at filling in your eyebrows. I want to try new colors and see how those work out too.