Beauty Product Reviews

One of my FAVES! Great affordable foundation!

I am one of those ladies that, if I find a product and fall in love, I stick with it, and it's extremely hard to try anything else. For years I have been a MAC Studio Fx Fluid girl; loving the coverage and finish.

I was out of town one weekend and had left my entire makeup bag at home. So I decided to run to the closest drugstore to pick up a few items to get me through the weekend. I chose this foundation because it was specifically made for Combination/Oily skin, which really intrigued me. I went home skepical, because it was not my MAC...but I tried it...and instantly fell in love!!

The coverage is flawless and the formula is really light on my skin, but buildable; making it easy to accomplish a full-coverage face. It's also very long-lasting. It helped me to achieve a really warm glow! I really like it, and for the price..AMAZING!

The only thing I wasn't too happy about was the fact that there were so many shades; most of which looked almost identical on the shelves, making it hard to choose my correct shade. Luckily, I got mine right on the first try, but I can imagine it would be hard for a lot of people.

I am currently bouncing between this product and my MAC Studio Fix Fluid..reaching for this one a little more. This is a great drugstore foundation!

Awesome Drugstore Mascara!

I just LOVE this mascara. I have been using this product for a couple of years now. I will sometimes try to switch and use something else but I always find myself coming back to it. It's amazing! My lashes are long, but very thin and a lighter brown then my natural hair color; making it a litte hard to see them without any product on it. With just one coat of this mascara, my lashes look full and amplified. Two coats of it makes it look as if I have on false lashes! I get asked all the time while wearing it , "Are you wearing false lashes?" The unique size and shape of the applicator really makes a difference. LOVE IT!