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Beauty Product Reviews

Love it!

I just recently purchased this fragrance and I'm in love I agree with the other ladies on here its not your eveyrday but It has such a unique smell like a sweet but spicy you only need a little and it last for so long time Fall Fav....

Very Nice

I love this palette you get a really nice amount of product for a small price.I Love the pretty shades it give your cheeks a nice tint my favorite in this palette is the darker pink use that alot and also the coral I would recommend this to anyone.

Great colors

I love this lip palette so many colors you can mix them,Love the smooth texture doesn't feel to sticky or dry just perfect the colors are so bright and pretty one of my favorite lip palettes to use considering I'm not really a lipstick girl and the cost is great considering you don't have to buy individual sticks of lipstick or gloss, another great product with BH Cosmetics one of my favorite sites.

Great Product

Love this palette great pigment had to make sure I got two just in case!! I use this pretty often this was one of my first muti color palettes, the price is so with in budget considering alot of products that are out there with the same colors for way more, Every girl should have one if not your missing out its like having a pancake with no syrup lol.