Beauty Product Reviews

OMG i love it!!!

This primer is one of my top favs.i use the pink one, i use it everyday for the past 6 months, so it last for a long time. all you do is apply a small amount in your finger and after applying it with a foundation your face looks flawless. so i am sticking with this one for a very long time.

Loving it!

I love this blush, in fact i use it everyday and i get compliments with it. ppl say i am glowing lil do they know its the blush that makes me do not to shimmery or glittery , it is just perfect!

Obsessed with it!

I really love this concealer one of the best that can cover my problems with my under eyes. it is full coverage and you only have to put a tiny bit of it in your finger for pretty much both eyes. Ever since i got it, this is all i use so i guess i am gng to keep using it for a very long time. i would recomended to everyone.