Beauty Product Reviews

Worth The Money

I never worked up the urge to try a NARS blush with my own money, but for Christmas I got a Sephora gift card, so I decided to give it a try. I bought Desire, a pretty matte cool toned pink, and its worth every penny! I'm definitely buying more soon!

Best Ever

I thought I'd found my favorite gel liner, Tarte's emphasEYES, but this is so so much better and about half the price! Its firm enough to have the blackest and thickest [or thinnest] line you want. Definitely worth trying!

Awesome For Everyday!

I used to think I was a bright color girl, but ever since I picked this up, it's all I've been using!! The only thing I noticed that was wrong was that the mini UDPP that comes with it was kind of watered down compared to the full sized one I have and it creased on me. All UDPPs aren't this way! Don't let that one deflect you from it =)


This is my number one favorite mascara!! IT makes my lashes spread out and look lovely. I don't have too long lashes and this actually makes them appear and look almost false! The wand is my favorite type. Well worth the money!